10 tips to increase your e-shop’s Conversion Rate

10 tips to increase your e-shop’s Conversion Rate

What is Conversion Rate and why it’s important

How can the conversion rate be affected?
The reasons are many and will be presented in a separate article. Some of the topics related to the Conversion rate are:

  • Product category
  • Design of the e-shop
  • Targeting ads
  • Competition
  • Product prices
  • Critics
  • Business recognition

What is a Product Page and what is it’s role?

The product page is the page that determines whether prospective customers will eventually buy from you or simply leave your online store. Unfortunately, product pages are a part of the sales funnel, which is often overlooked.

Product pages serve many different purposes:

  • Let prospective customers know about your products
  • They explain what their needs cover or what problems they solve
  • They include all the information the user needs to make a purchase

The 10 secrets of a high converting product page

1.      Breadcrumbs

If your site contains several subpages, using breadcrumbs, you can clearly tell the user exactly where the site is located.

In simple words, breadcrumbs indicate the ‘path’ a user has followed until he reaches the page he is facing.

2.      Product title

Now you may think that the name of your product will not affect the conversion rate. However, an attractive title is sure to get the attention of the user. Also, a more sophisticated title has the power to enhance the value of your own products.


3.      Photos

Clear, detailed and detailed photos are a must for any product page. Users should be able to see exactly what they are buying as complete and comprehensive as possible.

Photos of your products must be crisp and high resolution, load fast and have the option of zooming in, so that the user can zoom in and see details.

The more pictures you have, the better. So make sure you present your product from different angles.


4.      Video

Using video is a powerful way to persuade prospective customers to buy. Wondering why? Quite simply because with the video, the user feels like shopping on-site at a physical store.


5.      Product description

If you are wondering what a good product description includes, then the answer is simple. The best product descriptions are the ones that help the prospective customer imagine that his or her life is getting better with your product.

The more descriptive you can make a description, the better. Be sure to describe both the features and benefits of your products and how they will improve the life of the user or solve their problem.

It is also important to avoid copy / paste descriptions. The goal is to create unique and original descriptions of your products so that you can persuade users and improve your rankings on organic results.


6.      Product details

In addition to the product description, what other details, specifications, dimensions, materials etc. can you use to describe your products?

If, for example, you have an e-shop with clothes, then the sizes, color choices, fabrics and washing instructions are some additional information of interest to your prospective customers.

7.      Call to Action (CTA)

Call to Action is nothing more than your urging the user to take action. If the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button does not stand out, users may not click.

Dozens of tests have been carried out that have shown that a change in the text (eg: Buy Now), color or size of a button can affect the conversion rate.


8.      Urgency and Availability

If users are hesitant to buy, they are more likely to leave your product page. One of the best ways to avoid this is to create the impression of an emergency on your page. So it’s like telling them that if they don’t hurry, they might not be able to afford to buy.

Two particularly effective ways to add urgency to your product pages are to limit time or quantity.


9.      Reviews and ratings

Consumers nowadays, trust each other very much. In fact, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.


10.      Promote your offer and USPs at the appropriate place

Do you offer extra discounts for the purchase of 2 products or for a specific amount? Do you have free shipping? Do you deliver your order immediately? Perfect! The above as well as your other benefits are very important and can help you in sales. Just when your prospective customer is in a particular product, give him one more reason to complete the purchase.

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