10 Ways to Increase your Website Traffic

10 Ways to Increase your Website Traffic

The business environment is becoming more and more digital, making traffic to your website necessary when you maximize your company growth. Depending on the needs of the industry and the business, there are several ways to increase your traffic.

There are many options for managing site traffic. You can get more customers by increasing traffic to your site.

1. Organic Ranking

Organic traffic is the largest part of the total search volume for most keyword searches. Despite the growing trend of Google products receiving more than clicks in total search volume, organic traffic accounts for 41.45% of searches on mobile and PC.

The ability to compete with other Google products is linked to your organic ranking. For example, 99.58% of the pages selected for the displayed snippets are already in the top spot for that keyword. Websites in the top three places of the local listings or “local pack” are on the front page 75% of the time.

Achieving a competitive ranking in organic results depends to a large extent on the site’s ability to facilitate search, as well as page optimization and the power of the backlink profile.


2. Include your page in local listings

Proximity is the biggest factor in “near me” searches or any search that has a specific location. Securing a niche in Google’s local bundle is a valuable piece because it is usually positioned above organic results.

A mobile phone search will most often lead to the nearest available options.

3. Guest posts on Famous Blogs

Posting articles on trusted blog sites in your industry is not only a valuable way to collaborate, but it will increase the traffic of users who are interested in your content.

The Domain Authority (DA) is the measure of trust and authority your site has gained through the number of page referrals associated with your site. The more sites linked back to yours, the higher your DA. In addition, the quality of the sites that link back to you helps the search engine to consider the relevance of your content.

If you are a digital marketing company, a high-powered domain in specialized digital marketing that links you to an article on how to market your website will be more important than a link to a gardening article.

The stronger the content relationship between two sites, the more natural and powerful the links will be.

4. Post guides

People love to learn new things, especially when they help them directly solve a problem they are experiencing. One successful method of increasing alertness is to create step-by-step posts on a variety of topics.

Blog posts that remain relevant for an indefinite period will represent long-term traffic that continues to grow as time goes on. Research shows that 38% of its traffic comes from older blog posts that continue to drive new visitors to its site.

Create detailed guides that will teach the reader how to perform a particular task or give him tips that can be applied immediately. Offering value to your readers encourages a trusted business relationship, encouraging visitors to return to your site and share content on their network.

5. Use Google products

Products advertised through Google Ads rank top in search results.

There have been more frequent video impressions, feature snippets, Google ads, and the local bundle, reducing the clickthrough rate that results in lower positions, as shown in the graph below.

The image above shows a sharp decrease in clickthrough rate for organic traffic over two years.

Google introduced the quotes in 2013 and by 2014 the quotes appeared in 2.89% of all searches. In 2017, the total number of excerpts was 12.29%, and today, about 40% of all searches result in an excerpt appearing in the first place.

It is common practice to identify the search landscape in your keyword research to determine which feature is in the top position. When there are videos, you need to optimize a video to increase traffic.

Each of these Google products requires different types of optimization, so it is up to the business to determine the landscape for specific key phrases and optimize accordingly.


6. Register your site on famous review pages

The reviews your company receives can improve or ruin your company. People will always look for third-party reviews before investing in a business.

High traffic review sites, such as Yelp, can provide a traffic stream consisting of high visitor conversion – especially if your reviews are above average.

Register your business on the most relevant review sites and keep track of the reviews your business receives. Even if your company has a bad review you can turn the situation around and benefit your business depending on your response.

7. Submit your page to referral sites

Sites with a list of the top businesses for a particular service are becoming more and more popular on the first page of search results. Listing on these sites can be an important source of referral traffic because they are already able to receive a large portion of the traffic.

The picture on the right shows a keyword search for “Toronto winter jackets”. At the top are the specific sites that offer winter clothing.

Organic lists are all referral sites that have published articles in the top places to get winter jackets.

Find city-specific or specialty sites that already own the first page. Listing your business on these high quality referral sites will give your site a chance to get traffic.

8. Take advantage of the power of social media

Your social media network is an element that gives you the tools to drive a lot of traffic to your site in the short term.

By publishing content on your network, your recently published work will be delivered and presented to a specific audience. This will help bring people to your site and, if your content is of high quality, they will share and referrals to your site and will help you with even more new visitors and higher rankings.

9. Post videos

The preferred method of how to learn a particular topic is through video. Users retain more information when content is delivered with images and audio.

In a study of the success of TigerFitness.com, it becomes clear that video content marketing has gained its dominance in the field of health supplements.

Tiger Fitness “was a challenge against Amazon, which beat them to price and service. According to Marc Lobliner, CEO of Tiger Fitness, the company used” personalization “as the primary method to distinguish itself from other complementary companies.

“The only thing better than a video is to watch someone in person. However, I can start a YouTube video now and hit a million people,” Lobliner said. “I just started another day that had 100,000 [views] after three days. We have one of the top fitness channels on YouTube.”

Videos are more commonly shared on social media and may represent more than 80% of internet traffic by 2020.


10. Invest in Google ads

It may seem like an obvious solution, but Google ads are an option to consider. Since Google began masking ads to look like organic results, the clickthrough rate has grown and the first three paid ads receive 41% of the total clicks.

People usually avoid advertising, but when 46% of people can’t see the difference between an ad and a biological list, it makes investing in a paid ad campaign more attractive as a sustainable traffic stream.

Google states that every $ 1 spent on Google ads results in $ 8 revenue if your PPC campaign is set up correctly. Why miss out on an opportunity to increase your revenue?

Choose the right way to increase traffic to your needs

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