6 Mistakes on Instagram that big companies make and what to learn from them

6 Mistakes on Instagram that big companies make and what to learn from them

It’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others than to do it yourself, many businesses have made mistakes on Instagram. We’ll list six of them here, highlighting what companies should have done differently and showing you how to thrive on Instagram.

Social media has emerged as an important marketing channel capable of leading to significant business growth. This is not surprising, since the average user spends 2 hours and 22 minutes daily on social media.

Human beings are inherently attracted to aesthetically pleasing visuals. Therefore, as an image-sharing service, Instagram has emerged as the leading social media platform for users and businesses.

As is popular with Instagram, brands have not yet unlocked the platform’s true potential as a marketing tool. Here are 6 mistakes that big companies have made on Instagram and what you need to learn from them.


1. Reformation: Postings outside the company goal

With the growing competition on the platform, Instagram posts need to be well-planned. Each publication should reflect the company’s strategy in both tone and visual appearance.

The content of social media that lacks a coherent, goal-based strategy may look good in implementation, but it adds zero value to your name – valuing the purpose of social media marketing.

The following post comes from a women’s clothing brand. She received negative reactions as she showed a model wearing a dress while working behind the scenes.

The image was seen as damaging to the company’s goals.

Their positions and captions must be carefully constructed. If your goal is to increase traffic to your site, focus on creating a casual but persuasive caption by completing a CTA.

If your focus is on user engagement, focus more on image quality and aesthetics rather than captions and CTAs.

And definitely don’t post pictures with the employees in the background.

2. Little Mix: Unprocessed imagery and legend

Everyone knows that Instagram is primarily a visual platform, but that does not justify boring, nonsensical captions.

Impressive images can appeal to fans, but captions can provide a powerful frame when used correctly. If they do not have a voice or are full of mistakes, however, your brand may be missing from loyal users.

Take this caption from the pop group Little Mix, for example, which clearly didn’t look until its publishers hit “post”:

British pop group Little Mix took the social copy from a merchant promoting its commercial fragrance and put it in the word caption. Users of social media are smart enough to see through such tactics, especially when posting something that clearly shouldn’t be there.

Captions allow users to link to the image by creating a link to the image and account. Brands also help drive engagement.

Instead of configuring emojis and generic phrases, enhance your titles with exciting CTA questions or questions involving users. You should also make sure you have your captions corrected as well.

3. Crumpet Creations: Misuse of Hashtags

There is a silent etiquette for using hashtags the right way.

Many companies are simply using “widespread” hashtag to increase recognition. However, a makeup brand that uploads a product image with a hashtag like #ThingsKidSay will not work.

While the goal is to increase visibility and engagement through hashtags, users are unlikely to respond to an image that is not accompanied by the right hashtag.

The British baking company Warburtons has had problems with not being familiar with the “furries”, a community of people who enjoy dressing up as anthropomorphic cartoon animals.

The hashtag #CrumpetCreations of the company had to show off the delicious recipes that fans have made using the company’s famous cookies.

However, # hashtag #furries is commonly used in the Furries community. Anyone looking with the hashtag #furries found people dressed as animals.

Proper research would have prevented this problem.

Relevant hashtags can be a powerful tool to maximize engagement and allow users to find your products.

4. Revolve: Lack of diversity

In recent years there has been a mass outrage at racist discriminatory brands.

About 75% of Instagram users are young (18-24 years old) who are very active on issues like racism. Any brand that exhibits such behavior is sure to cause such a outcry.

Take Revolve for example. Its failure to include women of different color in Instagram photos has led activists and daily users to comment on their rage.

Revolve’s mistake acted as an example to avoid the fashion industry – as well as any industry – that customers are becoming more aware of racial discrimination.

The result? Poor advertising and reduced revenue.

5. Missguided: Excessive use of Photoshop

Aesthetics have always been the driving force behind Instagram’s success. High definition images with stunning visual appearance generally receive many likes and shares.

Companies try to project the “perfect” image – even if they promote something as natural as body acceptance. This was Missguided’s intention when she uploaded model images that were processed to have fake stretch marks. Unfortunately for them, users quickly discovered it and commented negatively.

6. G Palette: Lack of consumer confidence

Social media networking is based on building relationships and presenting the human side of your company.

Connecting with followers is a hallmark of successful companies, as it helps build trust and long-term relationships. Studies have shown that connecting with users leads to increased recognition.

Simple tactics, such as follow back or answering questions and comments, can greatly help to build trust. However, it must be done in the right way. Important: Z Palette did not handle the problem properly when users complained about increased prices.

Although the company interacted with users, the way it did it was inappropriate. Z Palette issued an official apology, but had already lost many users.

No doubt, companies should interact with customers regularly. However, they must give the highest priority to maintaining a proper and professional approach.

Post carefully

Experts can use it to drive more specialized site visitors and increase their revenue. Companies can also respond to their customers.

Instagram now has 15 times more interaction than Facebook and 20 times more than Twitter. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can optimize your company’s Instagram account.

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