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Web Design

For companies that want to stand out. High standard solutions made with the latest technologies.

Website Promotion

Advertising of websites and online stores on Google, Facebook and Instagram by experts, for optimal results.

Website Management

Updating and maintaining websites with professionalism and consistency to always be safe.

Web Hosting

For companies and organizations that do not want to deal with hosting issues of their website again such as slow loading and downtimes.

Website Optimization

Website optimization for the best ranking in the search engines in the keywords that interest you.

Application Development

Development of custom programs and applications for mobile phones, websites and online stores.


We are a web development company based in Athens.

Our goal is to turn your visitors into customers through a well-implemented and visible website.

Digital Marketing by NetDesigns

If you believe that your company needs advertising as a development tool, then you certainly know the importance of promoting your business online.

In recent years, advertising and communication have increasingly moved from traditional media such as television, press and out door communication to the internet. The development of digital marketing and advertising in general through the Internet is in line with the increase in its use and influence.

The rapid evolution of technologies favors a faster and more economical approach for the public and consumers, but also the different way of reading the messages through the electronic media creates a new landscape for marketing.

This of course also created the need for new rules, adapting the marketing strategy to the new data, searching for new opportunities, and thus talking about a new marketing environment, what we call Digital Marketing.


Airlines companies

Air Business International

Tourism / Tourist agency

Trails Beyond

Airlines companies


Airlines companies

Air Intersalonika

Events organisation

Karakasis Events

E-Shop / Agricultural Products



Dinami Zois

Doctors / Nutritionists


Trade / Lubricants


Get the e-shop you have been dreaming about

PrestaShop is now the most popular online store building platform. It stands out for the huge ease of managing products and orders, for its error free operation and its high aesthetics. It offers visitors a unique user experience and thus strengthens their commitment to the company.

Let’s create together a modern and fully functional eshop, based on the Presta platform, which will be worthy of your company name.

Combined with the right advertising for your online store, you will see your customer base grow and your sales skyrocket very quickly.

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