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If you believe that your company needs advertising as a development tool, then you certainly know the importance of promoting your business online.

In recent years, advertising and communication have increasingly moved from traditional media such as television, press and out door communication to the internet. The development of digital marketing and advertising in general through the Internet is in line with the increase in its use and influence.

The rapid evolution of technologies favors a faster and more economical approach for the public and consumers, but also the different way of reading the messages through the electronic media creates a new landscape for marketing.

This of course also created the need for new rules, adapting the marketing strategy to the new data, searching for new opportunities, and thus talking about a new marketing environment, what we call Digital Marketing.

The three basic principles for creating a business page:


It provides a complete presentation and is itself a means of projection.


It expresses the authority, size, quality and values of an organization.


It works as a powerful marketing tool and your sales are strengthened.

What you need to know before advertising online

Advertising is not a panacea and it cannot solve all our problems. To be effective we must follow some rules.

Advertising cannot improve a product except its image. We should therefore care about the quality of the product or the promotion of the correct and not a false image.

Advertising is not targeted anywhere. We need to know the markets and the audience we are targeting. What are the characteristics of the people that make up this market. We need to find things like average age, level of education, gender, etc.

The site we are calling to build for your business has content that:

  • It is not indifferent
  • It's reliable
  • It is relevant to the business that it is promoting
  • It's simple and enjoyable, without tiring the visitors
  • It creates a good reputation around what it puts forward
  • It is well-oriented around the business and products

What Does Digital Marketing Include?

Google Ads


Google Ads is a tool that displays ads based on the words people use when searching for any information at the top of the results.
With Google Ads, we achieve a steady flow of very large numbers of visitors and consequently customers as well as lower costs than other forms of promotion.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of optimizing internally and externally from our website in order to gain higher organic rankings. Internally, through technical fixes we help search engines understand what they are reading (called onpage seo) while externally getting backlinks from other sites – think of it as PR, the more websites that report your page the more you ‘click’. Google and hence the rankings (also called off site seo).

SEO can take 2-12 months for the first indicative results and it is a painful process and the right SEO usually has a high cost. No company can guarantee its customers that they will reach out as Google is not the property of every developer, and therefore it is not possible to calculate what position the website will reach, when the algorithm will change, or what tactics it will is valid with the next algo update where your site may disappear or you may move upwards. But through some affordable tactics we have seen results from week 1 already, but certainly not in all cases.

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Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)


Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website in such a way that it earns higher rankings in the organic results of search engines (and especially Google) locally.
With this process we achieve High ranking in search engines, sales growth and Brand Name consolidation.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Search Engine Marketing known as SEM is the process whereby we make sure that search engines deliver our website to the first results regardless of the way the user searches. If, for example, you are looking for “women’s shoes” or “ginekia papoutsia” or even misspelled, with “shoe shoes” errors, with the right SEM your page will always appear in the first results.

Judging by yourself, you will realize that almost no one goes to the second page on Google to find something they are looking for unless they are very sophisticated. So even if your page is overrated in content and impression if you are not appearing on the first page of results it is relatively difficult for the prospective customer to find you. We rank first in Google with Pay Per Click (PPC)

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Mobile Marketing


Mobile Marketing encompasses all the processes and strategies that are done for a business / brand to communicate and connect with its audience through interactive ways using any mobile device. This is because smartphones have flooded our daily lives.

Smartphone users use them for their internet searches, access their social media profiles, take photos and videos and make purchases. All of the above have effectively taken advantage of some companies and adapted their websites to be mobile friendly.
It is worth noting that pages that are harmoniously adapted to mobile phones rank higher in search engines.

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Email Marketing


Email Marketing is when a company sends a marketing message to a group of people using email. Email marketing is an effective way to stay connected with your customers while promoting your business.

By effectively using email marketing, you can maintain your current customer base while targeting new markets. You can also easily track how effective an email marketing campaign is and see if your return on investment is higher or lower compared to more traditional marketing campaigns.

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Display Marketing


Display Marketing is how we advertise through banners on various websites. It includes many different formats and contains elements such as text, images, flash, video and audio. You will surely have noticed ads on the sites you visit and maybe some of them will follow you wherever you go.

As irritating and pointless as some of you may find them to be, display banners are extremely effective when we want to make brand awareness, increase sales or pass on the message we always want to a targeted audience. The three biggest banner channels right now are Google Adsense, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads.

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Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is when someone promotes your products or services online and is only rewarded if a sale is successfully completed by holding a small percentage on the sale instead of a specific fee. In order for this method to work, it is usually necessary for an intermediary company to undertake the “refereeing” between the advertiser and the publisher using cookies.

In short, cookies are our electronic footprint behind every click we make on the Internet. The most well known affiliate marketing companies in Greece are Linkwise and Forestview where they can successfully promote your products / services through their publishers.

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Brand Name


The corporate identity of a business is created to express the “corporate person”, its public image, in order to give prestige, seriousness and recognition to daily communication with its partners and customers. Through corporate identity, the goal is to present the comparative advantages of the business, to clearly and clearly convey the necessary messages to prospective customers, and to establish the business in the consciousness of the world so that it is easily recognizable.

Therefore it is necessary and very important to create the corporate identity of a business. We create the elements necessary for your business to have a unified image with a common philosophy


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Ready to make your site bear fruit?

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If you have the right website, then you are ready for the next step. Make your page bear fruit.
Whether your goal is to make your brand known or to increase your revenue, it’s time to advertise online! It doesn’t matter if you are a small or big company or a one man show, there is room for everyone if the advertising is done correctly. Whether you want a small share of the pie or a larger market share than what you sell depends entirely on you and the budget you want to invest in advertising. At netDesigns, we know how to do it for you so that not a single euro of your investment is lost.

Web advertising and marketing are constantly gaining ground and prove to be a very economical and effective way of gaining market share. Online sales in Greece are growing at a faster rate than the average in Europe. On average, online purchases per person in Greece are around € 1,273 a year, while in the rest of Europe they are around € 800.

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