Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a method in which one promotes your products or services online
and is only rewarded if a sale is successfully completed by holding a small percentage
on the sale instead of a specific fee.

In how many parts is Affiliate Marketing divided?

Parts of Affiliate Marketing

– an advertiser, that is, a business that wants to promote its products or services on the Internet.


– an affiliate or publisher, that is, an affiliate who promotes the advertiser’s products on his digital channels (website, blog, Facebook page etc.)

Factors that influence the success of Affiliate Marketing

The original, clear content


The content of the ads that will appear on your affiliates’ digital properties, whether in banner form or through articles presenting your products or services, should create a clear image for your company.

The social media influence of affiliates


The proliferation of social media has changed the way we receive and evaluate information. Social media promotion companies and products ensure that the right message will find the right target.

Successful partnership between advertiser and affiliate


This is the most critical factor in the effectiveness of any affiliate marketing campaign. Advertisers and affiliates create an ecosystem whose common goal is to benefit both parties.

The use of appropriate data to evaluate effectiveness


Everything we have said so far makes no sense unless the success of a campaign can be calculated.

With no data on affiliate marketing performance (percentage of visitors coming from affiliate sites, conversion rate to advertiser clients, etc.), then neither side knows whether their initial investment in the campaign is worthwhile or what needs to be corrected to achieve the predetermined objectives.

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