Display Marketing

Display Marketing is one of the popular, traditional ways of online advertising.
It offers promotional capabilities through banners of various sizes on large portals and websites.
The purpose of Display Marketing is not so much to directly increase sales of a product or a page
but to increase brand awareness.

What are the success factors of Display Marketing?

The most important factors for a successful banners ad are:

The right choice of media to show your ad


You need to carefully study the demographics of the site you choose to advertise, depending on the gender or age of your products or services. It should also meet specific quality and content criteria so that your ad can get the attention it deserves and not go unnoticed among other advertising messages and banners. Lastly, the page your ad should serve should be as relevant as possible to the product or service you want to advertise.

The creative quality of advertising banners


When your ad is running, people are reading something that interests them. The creator of the ad must be able to get their attention, in a subtle way, and in a matter of seconds to get the message you want.

Proper support of advertising


The power of Display Marketing multiplies when combined with search engine marketing (SEM). According to surveys, almost 50% of users who saw an ad banner will eventually do a search on the affiliate or promotional product. Therefore, in order to get the most out of your Display Marketing advertising, your page must appear in the results when using the search engine. It is therefore highly effective to complement your ad campaign with a Google AdWords ad campaign.

Why choose Display Marketing
from NetDesigns?

We know that an ad banner should be designed to better display your message and increase your visibility.

We approach your online ad overall and suggest solutions that are most effective for your business.

We measure the performance of each ad and present the results transparently. We are committed to the work we do and strive for the best possible outcome for you and your business.

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