Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is now used by most companies worldwide. This is due to the rapid evolution
of mobile phones and the large role they now play in people’s everyday lives.

What exactly is Mobile Marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing encompasses all the processes and strategies that are implemented for a business / brand to communicate and connect with its audience through interactive ways using any mobile device.

It has recently been noticed that pages receive a large portion of their traffic from mobile phones. This is because smartphones have flooded our daily lives. Smartphone users use them for their internet searches, access their social media profiles, take photos and videos and make purchases.

All of the above have effectively exploited certain companies and adapted their websites to be mobile friendly. It is worth noting that pages that are harmoniously adapted to mobile phones rank higher in search engines.

Mobile Marketing Uses

SMS Advertising:

Bulk send sms or mms to your business customers to inform them of a new product or service or to warn them of an expiry date in advance.

SMS Contests:

They can enhance the promotion of a product through another way of advertising (online, print, radio, etc.). Customers are asked to sms a code that they find in your product or ad and thus automatically participate in a contest.

Mobile Advertising:

Advertise on Google for users surfing the web or making use of one of the thousands of mobile applications available

Mobile version website:

The goal is for users to find what they need quickly and easily on your website.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

  • They are purely personal and prompt.
  • It is a modern way of communicating as customers see it.
  • It can successfully complement other ways of communication such as TV ads.
  • Because it is faster, customers may want to contact the business via sms rather than over the phone.
  • It enables receiving feedback from customers by using simple mobile phone numbers.
  • Customers have the opportunity to actively participate in marketing campaigns.

Targeting Mobile Marketing



  • It has lower advertising costs
  • Market segments, whose characteristics are related to those of the target markets as defined by the company, are approximated.
  • Customization can even be 1: 1 (personalization) so that the update is in line with the client’s interests.
  • Allows you to select the location and time via the Bluetooth service.

Promotion in Mobile Marketing



  • It can create real-time campaigns
  • The business has the ability to directly control the profitability of the promotions, either by technical means or by interacting with the target market.
  • It has a low cost

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