On Site SEO

By On Site SEO we mean all the actions and interventions on your website in order to better rank in the search engine results. The difference with Off Site SEO is that the second one refers to all the actions that take place outside of your website.

What does On Site SEO include?

On Site SEO includes:

Content Architecture

On each page, search engines must be able to see the content in order to rank it in their file. They must also have access to a crawling structure of links so that they can follow a route and pass through all the pages of a website.

The right architecture and structure allows search engines to get through all the pages and even with the minimum number of links from the homepage to any other page on the website.


Title Tags

The title tag is the text that characterizes and describes a page. It is the second most important element in On Site SEO and it appears in browsers, Google search results and other search engines.

The title tag should be a precise description of each page and help both the search engine optimization and the overall visitor experience.


Meta Description Tags

The meta description tag is the text that appears below the title in the search engine results. It may not be as important for ranking results, but it is very important for increasing click-through.

This short text is your chance to show the user that you have what they are looking for. It must contain the targeted keywords correctly and intelligently and at the same time be attractive enough to make the user want to click on that result.


Page content and structure

The most important parameter for ranking a page is its content and it is what will drive it to the first placement of results.

The content must be quality, useful to the visitor, properly structured and of course linkable.

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