E-shop Design with OpenCart

Your online store is a very important tool that you must have
in order to facilitate your customers but also to increase your sales,
in a world where online shopping has grown exponentially.

Show your eshop the way to success.

OpenCart is a free e-commerce and e-commerce application building tool. With OpenCart we are expanding your business online.
Both OpenCart and its upgrades are provided free of charge. With the correct use, we build eshop of top quality and speed while at the same time they adapt and appear perfectly on every screen.

Unlike WordPress, OpenCart is even easier to use and manage.

In addition to the construction of the online store, we also offer specialized technical support.

Clever features of OpenCart

Automatic import of products from XML or Excel

If you already have a database that you used in your older eshop, we can import them into your new eshop via an Excel file.

Caching optimization


We know how important the loading speed of an eshop is in the ranking of results in search engines. For this reason we optimize the code of your new eshop and achieve a very short loading time of each page.

One Page Checkout

We offer the easiest way to complete an order to users in just one page, without unnecessary steps and tedious procedures.



We offer daily Backup of all eshop data and we guarantee maximum security.

Why choose OpenCart for your E-shop?



OpenCart is fully compatible with all devices (mobiles, tablets, TVs, etc.). Just like the thousands of themes that exist for it.

SEO friendly


OpenCart meets all the requirements for an SEO friendly online store. It consists of SEO friendly links (URLs), Meta description and Meta tags and multilingual links (URLs).

With hundreds of extensions, OpenCart helps search engines read easily.

Multiple ways of payment


OpenCart facilitates your customers by supporting all possible payment methods, and has the ability to connect with all banks.

In addition to the classic payment methods, Viva and PayPal payments are also supported, which have been widely used in recent years.

ERP connection


By using ERP we achieve the proper organization and utilization of your business resources, in order to increase the efficiency of your eshop.

Many shipping methods


OpenCart is compatible with all shipping methods, just like all major eshop.

Multilingual eshop


With OpenCart, adding multiple languages is a very easy process, through which you can expand your target audience and consequently increase your sales.

Technical Support


Due to the widespread use of OpenCart, there is specialized technical support to fully meet your needs.

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