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We provide complete solutions for the design and support of an e-shop with Prestashop,
having many years of experience in the field of online store construction.

Show your eshop the way to success.

Discover PrestaShop

The most important feature of PrestaShop is the ease of learning. After a little training we will do, you will be able to use it 100%.

Especially because it is a solution for e-commerce what we have noticed is that in recent years it is constantly upgraded to meet the needs of marketers who use it. Using Prestashop we create one e-shop with high functionalities which will be very secure, will follow the latest specifications and will have the ability to upgrade and integrate any future operation.

We also offer specialized tech support for your new online store in PrestaShop for any problems that may arise.

Choosing a ready Theme or Custom Design


We can choose together one of the dozens of themes that exist for Prestashop, that will meet your needs, and make the interventions that we deem necessary in order to achieve the result you want at the lowest possible cost.

Of course, we can design your own separate eshop with custom design especially for your project. Whatever solution you choose, the result will be a neat eshop, with the reliability, speed and security required.

Easy Management


Prestashop is known for the ease of managing the online store, it provides you with many tools that save you significant time. You can manage your products, customers and orders quickly and easily.

It offers you the opportunity to apply discounts on multiple products at once, create promotional coupons for your customers as well as manage the documents and emails sent to your customers, along with orders.

Custom Module Development


Having many years of experience in the field of online store construction, we can build any function you want, that meets your needs.

These solutions are installed as a module of Prestashop, without interfering with the core of the platform and affecting its operation and future upgrades.

Features of PrestaShop
as an e-shop platform

Price / sale scenarios

  • Discount product scenarios
  • Cart discount scenarios
  • Discount category scenarios
  • Customer group discount scenarios
  • Issurance of discount coupons
  • Presentation of prices before / after
  • Automatic price rounding

Google friendly

  • Friendly URLs
  • META descriptions for each product
  • Static catalog html
  • Create sitemap.xml
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Google Analytics setup

Clever product catalog

  • Unlimited number of products
  • Product Copy / Duplication
  • Digital products
  • Affiliate products
  • Shared products
  • Best Selling products
  • Selected products
  • Reviews
  • Wishlists


  • Native multilingual
  • Multiple currencies (euro, usd, etc)
  • Customizable products
  • Product filters (color, weight, etc)


  • Complete Stock Management
  • Real time shopping statistics
  • Export subscribed to newsletter
  • Alerts to the administrator
  • Recording actions of visitors
  • Demographics and customer profiles
  • Reports for orders and sales
  • Newsletters reading statistics
  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Reports for “broken” pages
  • Reports on what they are looking for on the website
  • Reports for couriers
  • Product performance reports
  • Coupon performance reports
  • Reports for Out of stock products
  • Reports for “Basket Abandonment”
  • Sales forecasting tools

Shipping and Taxes

  • Multiple shipping scenarios / couriers
  • Scenarios for free shipping
  • Flexible VAT and zero VAT setup
  • Different VAT per item
  • Automatic V.I.E.S check
  • Special charges (Handling, Gift, etc)

Management / Warehouse

  • Mobile-Friendly Manager
  • Availability check, back-order
  • Alerts for “low stock”
  • Set a minimum order
  • Disable products
  • Different administrator rights
  • Internal mailing system
  • Multiple warehouse management


  • Native multilingual
  • Multiple currencies (euro, usd, etc)
  • Customizable products
  • Product filters (color, weight, etc)

Payment Portals – Collection

  • Easy checkout
  • Connection with credit institutions
  • Payment in a bank portal
  • Paypal
  • Cash on delivery (with or without fee)
  • Stripe, Braintree and local gateways


  • Full HTTPS / SSL support
  • Secure HTTPS / SSL administrative access
  • Secure HTTPS / SSL checkout
  • Encrypt Passwords in the database

Advanced Functions

  • Facebook Store
  • One Page Checkout
  • Quick search
  • Advanced Caching
  • Complete GDPR setup
  • Mail Marketing (Newsletters)
  • Mail Marketing Conversions
  • Friendly SEO pages and features
  • Easy version upgrade
  • Pre-check mechanisms
  • Migrations of recent orders

Connection to Marketplaces / ERP

  • Skroutz
  • Best Price
  • Amazon
  • Google Merchants
  • eBay
  • Zoho One
  • Greek ERP/CRM

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you familiar with Prestashop?

Yes, we have been using it since its inception. We have created many eshops in Prestashop and we have made several upgrades between different versions (a very special process). We also know how to connect PrestaShop with many different external systems (ERP, CRM, etc) in order to facilitate your cooperation with your suppliers.

Something special I need to know about Prestashop?

Prestashop is a purely ecommerce platform. It is not a content site (eg WordPress) with a Cart plugin (eg WooCommerce). This makes it essential for more advanced eshops. It also has built-in trading features that WooCommerce does not have without add-ons.

Do you provide hosting if I need to?

Yes, we do. We provide our customers with high quality web hosting on secure and state-of-the-art European servers. We aim at the uninterrupted operation and the short loading times of your website.

Do you provide support and maintenance solutions?

Of course! Just contact us and we will analyze your needs and problems in the first step. Then we will send you an exclusive offer for the technical support and maintenance of your online store.

Do you prefer a specific payment method?

No, we accept all the most popular payment methods and we prefer the one that is best for you.

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