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  • Increase your sales effortlessly
    Accept most credit cards and payment methods
  • Your data is secure
    Secure transactions with 128 bit encryption, which is also used in banks
  • Manage your online store the easiest way
    See your orders and promotions
  • It is fully compatible with most devices
    Such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, TVs and more


Promote your products

Product Catalog

You can organize your list according to your needs. The primary goal is to facilitate customers in their search.
Thousands of products

Without having a limit on the number of products, we promote all the products you have, without any restrictions.


Friendly payment environment

Visa, Mastercard, Viva, Maestro, PayPal

We serve your guests by covering all payment methods.



Your data is secure. The transaction information and the content of the pages are encrypted in 128 bit, just like in banks.


Compatible with every device

Your new eshop is fully compatible with all devices such as mobile phones, tablets and TVs. So at any time you can manage your eshop, see your order list and even modify your promotions.

Modify your eshop based on the information we receive from users, in order to increase your sales.


Managing your eshop has never been so easy!

E-shop Management

Customers Profiles

You can analyze your customers’ preferences, how they communicate and their orders. Also, based on this information you can divide them into categories.

Account creation

Through the creation of the account of each customer we achieve the facilitation of his future purchases.

Product returns

Of course, returns as well as automatic product registration are available.

Management at any time

Whatever your device, you have the ability to easily manage your eshop from it, with great ease.


Send personalized emails to your customers. Emails can be modified visually as you wish.

Easy checkout

Your customers can complete their orders at the touch of a button.

Shopping Cart

SSL Certification

The pages along with their content as well as transaction information are fully protected by having SSL certification.

Product organization

Organize your products by category, type, price, supplier and availability. Proper organization helps your customers and avoids problems with displaying stocks.

Product photos

We have absolutely no limit on the number of product photos.

Free Shipping

Set an order price amount over which customers benefit from free shipping.

Payment methods

Your online store will cover all payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, Viva, Maestro, PayPal and more.

Available Languanges

We add as many languages as you want to your online store, in order to increase the audience you are addressing and consequently your sales.

Shipping calculation

Automatic calculation of shipping by the courier company you work with.

Order reminder email

We send Email to users who have not completed their purchases in your online store, reminding them of the orders they have left behind.

Credit cards

By paying by credit card, we do not add any extra charge to the fixed charge.

Tax adjustment

The price and tax rate are automatically adjusted, without you having to do anything yourself.


Marketing and SEO


Having years of experience in the field, we follow all SEO techniques (such as meta tags etc.) to achieve high ranking in search engines.

Google Ads

We use this very important tool to increase the visibility of your eshop. We also increase the ranking in search results.

Correct outbound linking

We properly link your products with external links to your website and / or blog, if there are any.

Discount Coupons

By having various discount coupons, we radically increase your sales.

Promotional Εmails

We send Email to your customers informing them about upcoming offers or new products that may be of interest to them.

Gift cards

With gift cards we offer customers the opportunity to buy products for their loved ones.

Facebook Marketing

Huge percentage of users buy products from various Facebook ads. It is now a very good means of advertising online stores.

Social Media

We undertake the promotion of your new online store on all popular social media, increasing your traffic and consequently your sales.

Your Products

  • Product registrationAutomatic recording of product availability
  • Huge varietyYou can offer a wide variety of products in numbers, colors or materials to your visitors
  • Easy Import / ExportSave time with fast import and export of products
  • PhotosThere is no limit to the number of photos you can have for each product.
  • Product limitThere is absolutely no limit to the number of products you can add!
  • Classification and filtersYou can sort your products by category, type, season. Together with the filters we offer to users, we facilitate their search and save them time.

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