Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the most effective method of promotion
of your business and its products or services on social media
(Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.) which are the main pillar of your image.

Take advantage of Social Media to increase your sales rapidly.

NetDesigns Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Strategy


New technologies have made Social Media Marketing and online communication an integral part of the overall communication strategy a company pursues in promoting it, approaching the target group that is interested in it, and achieving its goals.

Social Media & Interaction


Very often the public chooses to get in touch with the company through Social Media by leaving a comment in a post, sending a message to the inbox or leaving a review on the page.

We are here for you! We are fully committed to communicating with your audience and of course in managing your responses effectively.

Organizing competitions on Social Media


Organizing competitions on Social Media is one of the most successful ways to grow a company following its audience, as long as it is targeted and structured.

At NetDesigns we approach competitions with
a specific and specialized way to achieve the desires
results and the public is absolutely delighted.

Social Media Advertising


The social media advertising opportunities (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linked in, Twitter) allow a company to display its content frequently and repeatedly to an even larger audience. This means increasing its brand awareness, without the overwhelming cost of traditional media.

We often encourage businesses to invest an amount for targeted Facebook advertising, because even one euro a day can make the difference!

By advertising on Facebook we can either increase the likes of the page (and thus more and more people publishing content), or promote specific posts (e.g. an offer) and to a non-liking audience on the corporate page in the past.

Social Media Analytics


All Social Media action is measurable! This means you can have a very clear view of the audience who is viewing your page and interacting with your content.

You can have specific data about your goals. We can keep you updated on the key information you want to know in order to plan your strategy for the future based on the statistics we extract each month.

Beneftis of Social Media Marketing

  • Direct communication with the public and consumers.
  • Viewable to over 4 million users in Greece!
  • Effective audience targeting, location based, interests, age, gender, etc.
  • Managing and enhancing reputation (branding).
  • Opportunities to increase audience and customers.
  • Receiving information for public needs.
  • Social media analytics provide a clear picture of what works and what doesn't.
  • Low advertising costs compared to other media.
  • Crisis management in order to quickly reduce dissatisfaction with a negative event and not extend it to another medium that can destroy the reputation of the company.

Why Invest in Social Media Marketing?

Because your presence on social media is no longer a luxury, but a necessary strategic move. Take advantage of Social Media Marketing, grab the attention of the buyer and build a unique relationship of trust and interaction with customers. At NetDesigns, we provide you with an attractive and consistent social media presence, following the right social media marketing tactics.

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