Facebook Marketing

Our experience in Social Media ensures the effectiveness of our services.
We create your Facebook presence tailored to your specific business needs
and develop an active online consumer community around your brand.

But what does a Facebook Marketing campaign include?

Facebook Marketing from NetDesigns

Professional Development & Management

We undertake the design and management of your Facebook Page. These pages can help your company expand its online presence and bring it to a higher level by placing your business where its audience is today.

Content Management

We undertake the development of content thematic modules through the categorization of available material and the creation of a long term content plan. We choose the right content displaying tools. We adjust the content to the format that is most appealing.

Updating & Μonitoring

We check the Facebook page daily for comments. We update the content regularly throughout the day based on the needs and specific nature of each brand. This way we keep the page’s fans alert and increase their interest through attractive Facebook updates.

Crisis Management

By contacting your own press office or brand manager we are able to manage any negative situation arising or negative reporting posted online in such a way as to turn the situation into a positive experience between consumers and your brand.


We compile a monthly report measuring the effectiveness of your Facebook Campaign. We develop qualitative and quantitative indicators for a detailed description of the elements that give a detailed view of your page’s resonance and campaign progress.

Consulting on Digital Strategic Planning

We can help you design and implement the Digital Strategy that is best for your organization, through suggestions and ideas to better promote what you want to promote. We set the right strategic goals and propose concrete implementation actions for how your presence on Facebook can increase the added value of all your online, digital activities.

Facebook Applications

Facebook applications offer a unique opportunity to develop more advanced viral applications, giving access to a large number of users beyond your Facebook Page fans. Facebook applications allow the brand to take advantage of each user’s profile for their own visibility, as these applications create a viral effect around the company and the brand, exponentially increasing their visibility to the public.

Facebook Ads

Through Facebook ads you can attract a large number of consumers as well as take advantage of your target group’s precise targeting capabilities. At NetDesigns we create ad texts, develop custom, optimized visuals, and take on the professional management of Facebook Ads Budget to get the most clicks possible.

Facebook in Greece

Facebook is the favorite destination of millions of Greek Internet users as it has more than 3.5 million Greek users. Its traffic is higher than Google! According to statistics (socialbakers.com, May 2012) for the most popular social media tool, Facebook’s penetration in Greece is 34.41% compared to the country’s population and 74.43% compared to its number of users. Internet. The total number of Facebook users in Greece reaches 3,699,520 and has grown by 199,220 users in the last 6 months, which makes our country 42nd in the ranking of Facebook worldwide.

Did you know that..

  • a professional Facebook page something completely different from your usual personal Facebook profile?
  • the posts posted on your Facebook page usually see less than a 5% of the people who like you?
  • there are many different ways of targeting for Facebook ads that cover every need?
  • a successful business page on Facebook does have a specific way of creating and content depending on the business category it is targeting?
  • there is a special way to manage negative comments?

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