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Is Instagram Marketing so important?

What makes Instagram so important?

Instagram users are not just browsing through endless pieces of information, instead using it to discover new products and brands. Of these, 47% rank Instagram among the top 10 channels used to discover new products. At the same time, 45.6% of them say they remember a brand they met on Instagram better than others in TV ads and other traditional media.

The numbers speak for themselves! Brands on Instagram are essential if they want to boost their popularity in the market and increase their sales.

The power of Instagram

Instagram is an online community where one can find quality and attractive content. It achieves 50 times more user engagement than Facebook, as its visitors remain “most loyal” to the rest of social media.

It is estimated that 300 million users are active on Instagram each month and consume approximately 257 minutes of creative browsing.

The secret to its success lies precisely in the user experience through the digital media content it hosts. In a nutshell, it has all the prospects to win over a wide audience and take the lead in the world of social media.

Types of Ads on Instagram

Photo ads


Tell your story through a clear, simple and elegant creative canvas.

Video ads


With the same immersive image quality that photo ads offer, you can also benefit from the potential and vibrancy that visual material, sound and motion provide.
The video can take up to 60 seconds.

Rotating image ads


Allow users to see more than one photo in the same ad.

Stories ads


View your ad in over 300 million accounts that use stories daily.

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