Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing does not have the great impact of Facebook in Greece,
but it also plays its role in Twitter Marketing but also in
Twitter SEO on Google. Google search engines, however,
now take into account the tweets and keyword phrases of each account.

Promote your company on Twitter
and dramatically increase your website traffic.

Advertising on Twitter
by NetDesigns

An ad on Twitter will help your business reach thousands of users. Many companies in Greece use Twitter as a means to “listen” to their customers and are already organically placed on it, which makes us even more excited, as now we will give them the opportunity to use Twitter in advertising, so as to enhance their message and all their efforts so far.

Three out of five people on Twitter follow at least one brand. 80% of people on Twitter are also active via their mobile phone, thus giving advertisers the perfect opportunity to target their audience on the go and at a time when the content will really relate to their audience.

In fact, one in three people who have visited a brand on Twitter continue to follow and buy it.

Twitter advertising includes

Professional account management


Online chat with users

Engaging and monitoring brand discussions

Reporting – Measuring results

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