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Technical Support from NetDesigns

A website or application needs technical support. In order to maintain a safe and secure online presence, the site needs to be updated with the latest software releases. If it is not upgraded it will be at risk of being hacked for inserting malicious links and scripts.

After a security breach of your website, things begin to reverse and hit by search engine blocking, navigation malfunctions by users visiting the site, and more. You also need support in setting up your mailboxes, and in setting up your corporate emails because they can also intercept passwords.

NetDesigns ensures full and smooth functionality of your website at all times. We provide technical support for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Woocommerce, Virtuemart and any other known or custom platform.

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Support Services

Content Management

Insert content on the site such as texts, photos, videos, etc. Listing products with details such as code, description, price, images. Updating a blog and portfolio website with the introduction of new content.

Operation Problems

Troubleshooting WordPress website functionality problems. Analysis and troubleshooting. Provision of information to prevent such a malfunction in the future.

Website Improvements

Improvement of factors on the WordPress website such as loading speed, hosting server, connectivity to external sources such as social media, business directories and third party websites.

Virus & Malware Treatment

Detect and remove malware from the site. Restore website to its original state from backup. Update search engines and web sites to complete cleaning.

Security Enhancement

Security enhancements by adding apps that protect the site in real time. Attack monitoring and immediate response.
Install security updates on platforms and plugins.

Custom Modifications

Change website art theme, customize colors, fonts and similar elements. Add eshop capabilities. Link to other services such as clearing credit cards through a bank.

Ways of Website Support

  • Phone support
  • Remote Support
  • Support at your Headquarters
  • Monthly contracts
  • Incident support
  • Weekly checkup

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