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Your business website is your image of the world and your prospective customers.
Whatever the subject of your work, a modern website is an investment that will last forever
and help you discover the real opportunities on the internet generating multiple
benefits of its initial cost.


Give your website the importance it deserves.

Modern websites
by NetDesigns

Whatever the subject of your work, a modern website is an investment that will last forever and will help you discover the real opportunities that exist on the internet, creating multiple benefits of its initial cost.


Search engine friendly

We build websites that are SEO Friendly and meet the necessary technical specifications of Google.


Easy to manage

The methods we use are the most user friendly methods available.


Mobile friendly

Your website will be displayed properly on all devices, without bugs and errors.

027-data management

Ultra fast

The Hosting we provide for our websites is top notch, as we use state-of-the-art servers.


After the construction and the upload of the website that we built, Marketing follows, that is, the promotion on the internet.

We at NetDesigns use the top Digital Marketing methods, such as Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing – SEO, Email Marketing and many more, in order to achieve the high ranking of the page in the list of Google search results.

Through the high ranking we achieve the increase of traffic and therefore of your potential clientele, which consequently leads to the increase of your company’s sales.

Of course, it is possible to link your new website to your Social Media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and then organize a promotion plan.

Full Responsive Design

The websites we build have a responsive design. This means that they look just as beautiful on all devices, such as desktops, laptops, cell phones and tablets.

Full Responsive Design is now very important and can be found on most major websites. More and more internet users are using their mobile phone or tablet to browse the internet rather than their computer.

Website Speed

We know from experience the huge importance that the loading speed of the websites has now. A high speed not only offers the overall user experience of the visitor, but also ensures his stay on your page as research shows that pages with long loading times have high bounce rates.

We at netDesigns guarantee minimum loading times as we know all the secrets hidden behind a fast page, while at the same time we give a great basis to the simplicity of the code of the web pages we build. We focus on offering a top user experience to your visitors to see your traffic skyrocket!

Website Development

We turn your ideas into reality. We build a Demo of your website on our server, in order to see the progress of the process we follow.

Of course in this step we make changes and improvements compared to the original design we had made. We check out the stylistic part of your website but also the most practical, such as texts, plugins etc.

Website Design

After first clarifying the goals and needs of your company, we proceed to the initial design of your website.

The goal of the design of netDesigns is to create a modern and beautiful website, but without sacrificing its quality and speed, which will fully and correctly promote your services and products.

We keep the colors of your business and use them to enhance your Brand Awareness on the internet as well as on social media platforms.

SEO Friendly


One of the main ways to increase your new website traffic is to get higher rankings in Google search results. Our team gives a huge base to the organic ranking and uses the best Search Engine Optimization techniques whether it is On Page or Off Page.

We aim for the keywords and write the right titles and descriptions for each page, always according to Google rules to get the desired result.

Statistics – Google Analytics


The websites we build at netDesigns allow you to track 24/7 statistical information. Through tables and charts that exist from Google Analytics, you monitor the website traffic, your bounce rates as well as the success of the various advertising campaigns that you have.

In conjunction with social media promotion methods you have at any time a complete picture of your business in the world of the internet.

Upgrade – Website Redesign


In case you already have a website, but it does not work as you would like and is no longer representative of your business, we can help you. We undertake the repair of problems that may exist, whether it is a problem in the design or someone in the code.

However, if your website is now obsolete we can update it radically, planning a rebuild from scratch.

Why choose us


Experience since 2009

We have partnered with over 200 companies of all sizes to build and promote their websites. From department stores and offices to factories and aeronautics worldwide.

014-brand lift

Perfect result

The websites we create are made with the latest technology tools, carefully crafted to the smallest detail. We work methodically to get the best possible result in the least amount of time


Technically trained

We know the subject of web design in depth and through our experience we have seen what works and what does not work. Thus, we can properly implement any kind of requirement without experimenting.


Web Design

In every website we build we add our knowledge and years of experience to get the best results.

Choose the type of website you are interested in and you will receive our offer within 24 hours.

One-page Web Design

One page corporate website

A website with basic information about your business. Ideal for businesses and freelancers who seek an efficient, quality and economical promotion, without sacrificing the quality and character of their company.

Complete Page Web Design

Complete corporate website

A complete website to promote your products and services. Ideal for all sizes of companies that want a complete internet promotion.

Ecommerce Web Design

Online store (e-shop)

An online store to sell your products online. Ideal for all sizes of businesses that want to market their products online and increase their sales.

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