What is Google Shopping Ads?

What isGoogle Shopping Ads?

The valuable online marketing tool designed for any business.

What is Google Shopping Ads?

Google, the colossus of technology and invention, has launched a range of valuable tools for any business that can promote products and services, reach new customers, and increase its store revenue. Google Shopping Ads is such a powerful tool for boosting a company’s sales that if properly utilized they can deliver the maximum at the least possible cost.

Since 2010, when they first appeared, Google Shopping Ads have been steadily upward and have been an important part of e-commerce. These are web ads that present a list of your business’s products to a targeted audience and allow users to make instant purchases with a single click.

In fact, Google Shopping Ads combines Google Ads and Google Merchant Center, and what they produce is ready-to-sell products and goods, with users satisfied with simple searches. Google Shopping Ads have proven to be a very effective way of online product promotion as in the first quarter of 2018 76.4% of advertising spend through search engine for retail products resulted in Google Shopping type ads.

What are the Benefits of Google Shopping Ads?

  • They provide users with a representative image of the product before they click on the ad. As a result, we reach more potential customers that meet the criteria and reach a dramatically high Conversion Rate.
  • We have easy retailing campaign management without the keywords headache.
  • We achieve a wider presence, as more than one product can appear in one search or even text ads and Shopping Ads.
  • Marketplace Ads provide strong references that include competition data: benchmarking, impression share data, bid change simulator.
  • Increase sales from user product searches.

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